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Sharad Sovani

Born 1951, Sharad got his Diploma in Painting in 1973 and Master’s degree in 1975.

Sharad has shown his paintings all over India and in the U.S. through numerous solo, group and National exhibitions, participated in artist camps, won awards and has done commissioned work. His paintings are in collection of the National Gallery of Modern Art, Air India, HUDCO, Park Hotel, Centaur Hotel and with numerous private collectors all over the world.

Sharad was an artist at National Museum of Natural History, New Delhi, Exhibits Specialist at the American Embassy, New Delhi and Deputy Art Director for SPAN magazine. He was a Visiting Museum Specialist at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, U.S.A. and has traveled to France, Thailand, Singapore and USA.


Solo Shows

Singapore ArtMosaic Gallery/Song of India 2007
Mumbai Jehangir Art Gallery 1977, 1984, 1987
New Delhi

Triveni Gallery, New Delhi: 1981, 1986, 1989, 1997, 2001, 2005.
Dhoomimal Art Gallery, 1997  Jharokha Gallery, New Delhi: 1994

Indore 1976,  Nagpur: 1976, Pune: 1977

Group Shows

London AIR Gallery London March 2007
San Francisco SomArts,: Oct. 1996, Sept. 2007

Jehangir Art Gallery,  1987, 2005.     Artist’s Centre, Mumbai: 1992

New Delhi

Art Today, 2000      Lalit Kala Akademy, New Delhi: 1996
Dhoomimal Art Centre, 2006  Travankor Gallery, 2006


My aim while painting is to play and experiment with colors and forms -- with a mood of joy and wonder. I wish my paintings be enjoyable and worth viewing again and again. When people look at my painting, I would like them to conceive it in their own way, rather than imposing any thought, issue or an ideology on them.

My art reflects synthesis of my personal feelings and my ideas about art. It is an expression of joy, enthusiasm, fulfillment and gratefulness in life.

My current style depicting architectural heritage of India has grown out of my prior work, which was both realistic and abstract.

Contact Information

Sharad Sovani
H. No. 41, Sector 19   Faridabad 121002, India.
Tel: ® 0129 – 4042661   (M) 9899508704.


Sharad’s architectural paintings bring to life old forts, ancient buildings, ruins--a slice from past--presented in an extensive panorama of colors evoke a sense of nostalgia for the days gone by. The artist has taken his inspiration from the landscapes in and around Indore, where, as a child and adult, he spent endless hours taking a private look at the great historical buildings, amazing waterfalls, hills, rocks and trees of his country. Sharad’s landscapes bear a very close relationship with his personal life experiences, wherein, many a days in his dreams he views himself wandering in and around the landscapes he has painted, as a part and parcel of his own imagery. Interestingly, in real life whenever he is near a ruin, a fort, a monument or a temple he feels a bond or a union with it which maybe the reason for his works to appear extremely appealing.

He appreciates greatly, old masters like Vermeer, Corot, Monet, George Inness to name a few and is influenced by the sensuousness of the rich shades of green, rust, brown and yellow ochre which, he uses in his landscapes to give them their homogeneity and coherence. The Banyan trees, a water body, an animal or a lonely figure portrayed in the landscapes by Sharad, gives an impression of movement which makes the work of art a harmonious blend between the past and present at the same time making it appear both realistic and abstract. He constraints the use of too many figures in the landscape for fear of disturbing the peaceful solitude of his subject.

His figurative works are a tribute to the village women of India who preserve the ancient Indian way of life and the fast vanishing traditions. Sharad has painted a plethora of female faces, spontaneous and direct, full of strong lines, masses of rainbow colors, each with a distinct individuality of her own. The festive colors and the body language of these village belles celebrate the richness and power of tradition that they experience in their lives. There is a tremendous feeling of lightness in these paintings, partly due to the graceful treatment of the features of the muses and partly due to the traditional colors, which render the painting a mood of joy and exaltation. An occasional peacock or a lamb highlights the romance and reminiscence, that the artist wants the viewer to imbibe.

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