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Rameshwar Singh
Rameshwar Singh has his roots in Rajasthan and a romantic imagination. Rural and tribal people tattoo all over their body and a fantastic form and design is the resultant. People treat human body as canvas. Rameshwar's 'Scientific' eye discovered this complex poetic human form and his imaginative faculty started working on the folklore and traditional symbols and enchanting living contents.

Calligraphic textures took over the romantic tattoos, 'I do not literally paint, on the contrary I tattoo the canvas, which, becomes alive by accepting the intuitive experimentation and the roving romantic eye; ideas float around to become tattooed human canvas.

Visual relationships between anthropology, culture and contemporanity are explored in a poetic way. Historically of the rich Rajasthani cultural context is used with sensible sensitivity. His technique involves natural freedom treating organic forms, calligraphy and chromatic space. Fables mingle with fluid memories. Time and space flow in the infinite.

He uses the objects and forms and beings like magic 'mantras'. The folktales metamorphose in a scintilating manner. Forms say, 'Tattoo my body....'
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