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Rajendra Dhawan
"Bilde Kunstler, Rede Nicht" and "Create, artist, do not talk"

We talk a great deal about the mute art of painting. Indeed, we talk far to much to try and explain something which, genuine but harsh, seems only able to reach a handful.

This disgraceful commercial business of art is ruled by fashion and generously supported by the giant publicity machine.

It blooms in the ornamented shops of the temple merchants.

The language of DHAWAN, virtuos and sincere, is more difficult to follow becuase, without compromise or artifice, it demands the sensibility of the spectator.

The artist, a "transplanted bush", has dynamised a sapling nurtured in the old oriental culture, plunging its roots into the soil of the no less ancient European continent.

Successfully bringing together his different sources Dhawan has explored his own depths and has been able to utilise his own themes, to express his worries, his remembrances, his dreams of the absolute, trying to convince us by the mere shimmer of the colours of his native land.

Discretely, he expresses for our joyful appreciation, the secret virtues of an art which transfigures and lightens its effects through forceful, refined emotions.

In his fluidly painted canvases, a sharp note or a nervous scribbling is something the only reminder of reality and yet, with these few forms caressed by colour, everything has an order, constructed with these forceful lines that Tibetan painter-monks call the veins of a dragon.

Light radiates from his painting in the same way as it radiates from "the glorious bodies".

This art is modest but stong, dynamic but silent, for "he who knows", does nots peak", as the Taoist sages used to say.

It is wise to remain mute and to listen only to the heart-beat of this work which vibrates with a genuine tenderness.

Rajendra DHAWAN was born in Delhi in 1936. He studied painting at the Delhi School of Art from 1953 to 1958 and also from 1964 to 1966 in Belgrade, where he went on a scholarship. He taught art in India from 1960 to 1962 and he also founded the group, 'The Unknown' which held several exhibitions between 1960 and 1964.

Between 1972 and the present, DHAWAN has exhibited many times in India and Europe (including Yogoslavia, Luxembourg, Germany and Norway, as well as at the Haut-Pave gallery in Paris). Chemould Gallery, Bombay, 1989. He has participated in a large number of group exhibitions. His works hang in the collections of: the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Dehli; the Lalit Kala Akademi, New Dehli; Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal; and in private collections of different countries. Since 1970, DHAWAN has been working and living Paris.
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