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Bimal Das Gupta
Bimal Das Gupta can be hailed as one of Bengal's leading Abstract painters. Most painters in Bengal itself seem somewhat entangled in the 'Is Modern Art Indian' controversy whereas those artist from Bengal who are settled in Delhi, Bombay, Baroda or elsewhere seem fairly clear about the directions and necessity for their work to be a reflection of contemporary ideas and taste.

Bimal's work has richness and certainty which is a formidable anchor. He has not been painting purely abstract works for long but has come to this statement only after a measure of discipline in other media and idioms. Hence it is that his works have a fine structural sense in their composition. This is a foundation born of wide practise in composition and not the mere simplification of a new dabbler with paint. To-day Das Gupta's work bears the marks of a rich and very deep conviction. For him there is no other way.

It is rather difficult to attempt to describe the qualities of painting in words. Paintings are meant to be seen not grasped by the mind by description and this is especially difficult when one is dealing collectively with an artis's whole output and not with a single individual painting. The collective work represents the artist's potential more completely. He is known indeed by his personal style, which is his signature and a unique contribution to the stream of art.

Bimal Das Gupta's work is strictly non-figurative and two dimensional. His painting is only painting and does not lean on its subject matter or theme. We see here put together in an antiformal way coloured spaces, rather than forms, merging, overlapping and interlocking with each other to build a certain pictorial unity. There is no recession into an illusionistic background, the colour is suspended on the surface as pattern. Das Gupta fully exploits the richness of his oil medium. The colour is plactically felt and used both as a solid - writing mass - and as thin transparent paint. There is a great range in his handling from rough bold action painting, to delicate careful and considered touches. Similarly the artist has also a Palette that is very diverse. Some pictures strikes a chord that is sombre and solemn, others are more fragile and sensitive, essaying lighter humours. Again some are more quiet - balanced and stable others possess a flickering movement leading the eye from point to point. Das Gupta accepts what can be considered the abstract epressiost code to state whatever he wishes to communicate in terms entirely painterly. he rejects the exterior world - only to create a world of his own - of tensions and colour and feeling. His paintings viewed, considered, savaoured must in the last analysis be the only and the best introduction to himself.
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